November 28, 2023

What Attracts a Capricorn Guy? 5 Things He Can’t Resist

3 min read
What Attracts a Capricorn Guy? 5 Things He Can’t Resist

The Capricorn is one of the most level-headed, calm and collected zodiacs in the calendar. They’re smart, responsible, realistic and definitely practical. However, most Capricorn’s don’t usually have that much fun in their lives that’s why meeting someone who absolutely knows how to is something that makes them fall hard. So quit wondering what attracts a Capricorn guy once and for all and find out below the five things he finds very hard to resist.

  • If you’re independent. Capricorn’s were programmed to take care of themselves at an early age and most of them are very independent – they know what they want and how to get it. They seem too strong for words but truth is, Capricorn’s all yearn to be loved and appreciated. However, a strong dominating female appeals best to them.
  • If you’re smart. He may not be just as smart as you are but being intelligent always impresses a typical Capricorn guy. He wants his girl to have brains and is not just typically a pretty face. Most of them would appreciate beauty but it will all be worthless if you don’t have the brains.
  • If you’re sweet. Being thoughtful and charming are sure fire way to render a Capricorn defenseless. They may seem to serious and uptight but when you show them you care and love them, it will surely melt their heart. They can have a tendency to become overtly dependent for your attention.
  • If you know how to argue. If you sit there all day looking pretty and absolutely serene – he’s going to holler. Sure, Capricorn’s aren’t really the best conversationalist but you should at least know how to talk. They love it when a woman opens up something about herself – they make good listeners. They’re agreeable and funny too – so grab the opportunity for a chitchat.
  • If you love adventure. The Capricorn’s are more of a lay back and grounded type that’s why they find it refreshing if you show free-spirit and passion for adventure. It motivates them to try something new – something they’re not really into. So try to bring a little thrill into his life by doing so – he’ll love it, believe me.

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