September 25, 2023

Combinations Proclaiming the Birth of an Exceptionally Beautiful Woman in Capricorn Ascendant

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Combinations Proclaiming the Birth of an Exceptionally Beautiful Woman in Capricorn Ascendant

The one thing going in favour of a girl born into Capricorn, ruled by the stern Saturn is that they are made up of sterner stuff. Their face may look mature or aged when they are young but as they grow up and years pass by, they look younger! This is he reward that only this celestial sign has in store for those born under it. Another positive for the Capricorn girl is that Venus, the ruler of beauty and professions associated with beauty, will always be fruitful for them; reason: Venus is the most beneficial planet for the girl having this sign rising in ascendant. It rules the trinal fifth house through Taurus and the tenth angular house through Libra.

Presence of the ascendant lord Saturn in the tenth house in exaltation with Yogakaraka Venus definitely proclaims the birth of a strikingly beautiful girl, and the real frosting on the cake can be the ninth aspect of the second placed Jupiter in Aquarius, just emerging from Capricorn, the sign where it has its fall. This purified Jupiter is said to be more powerful than Jupiter in Cancer-its sign of exaltation-by some astrologers. It can add lustre to the face of this beautiful girl, besides giving her a mellifluous voice. This girl can even sing well. This ninth aspect on the most important planet, Venus, forming Maalavya Yogain association with the ascendant lord, Saturn creating Shashak Yoga, works as a force multiplier; Jupiter is also Uchchanath (the lord of the sign where a planet becomes exalted, here it is Pisces) of Venus, while Venus itself is the Uchchanath of Saturn, as it is the lord of Libra. This three way connection between them brings the best out of Venus and Saturn.

Likewise, presence of Saturn in the first house in its own house of Capricorn, giving rise to Shashak Yoga, flanked by the twelfth Jupiter in its own sign, Sagittarius and Venus plus Mercury in Aquarius in the second house is also very good. If the Sun happens to be in the third house and the full Virgo-Moon in the ninth house, then this girl will be second to none in beauty. In fact, she can be another Madonna in the making; for, lagna i.e. ascendant, is flanked by the three benefics, while its lord is in its own sign. Among the benefics, Venus is just one step away from exaltation; in short they are lending tremendous strength to the ascendant. In addition, the presence of the Sun in the third, aspiring for exaltation in Pisces, facing the full Moon will make her demure virgin-like in appearance throughout life.

The presence of Saturn in the third house of Pisces, receiving as aspect of the seventh Jupiter in exaltation, with the Moon in exaltation in the fifth and the Sun, Mercury and Venus in the eighth, ninth and tenth houses (Sun-Leo-own house; Mercury-Virgo-exaltation; and, Venus-Libra-own house) respectively can make this Capricorn ascendant girl an exceptionally beautiful specimen of mother nature.