What Men Want In A Woman: A Ballerina

What Men Want In A Woman: A Ballerina

What men want in a woman is someone who has done ballet in the past. Their body structure and mannerisms qualify the woman as perfect wife material… obviously, I am joking. You may be a ballerina reading this article. I have the utmost respect for you and your craft. You truly have a lot of discipline to pursue this elegant dance. At any rate, elegance is the reason why I chose the metaphor of a ballerina for this article. Ballerinas really do have a lot of characteristics that men love. Let’s go through some of them here.

1. Gracefulness

You cannot talk about a ballerina without talking about how graceful and serene they look. They are able to execute the most complex of dance movements with utmost precision with not a hint of clumsiness.

Men like graceful women, simply because men can’t be graceful (or few of us are). It’s not only that we like that which we can’t get, it’s mainly because we’re attracted to the feminine nature of gracefulness.

2. Power

The gracefulness of a ballerina belies the power that is held within the muscles of a ballerina. Ballerinas have to undergo strict exercise regimens, going so far as to practice hours and hours a day to perfect their bodies.

Men are attracted to power and if a woman is strong, men will naturally gravitate towards a woman if she exhibits power.

3. Discipline

Discipline is the precursor of power and is what is required to develop it in the first place. Discipline is a generally attractive characteristic that most people are attracted to, simply because so few people exhibit it on a long-term basis.

If you have positive traits, they mostly came through hard work and discipline. You’re proud of your traits because of the hard work you put into them. If you have a toned body for example, men will be able to tell that you don’t succumb to night hungers.

What men want in a woman is someone who is a ballerina. They don’t have to have done all the training and hours and hours of rehearsals. All they have to have done is have the mindset and mannerisms of a ballerina. Grace, power and discipline are traits that men find attractive. If you can incorporate it into your daily life, your man will be a lot more affectionate towards you. Just give it a shot.

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