Combinations Proclaiming the Birth of an Exceptionally Beautiful Woman in Cancer Ascendant

Combinations Proclaiming the Birth of an Exceptionally Beautiful Woman in Cancer Ascendant

For a girl of Cancer ascendant, the presence of Jupiter and the Moon in the first house proclaims the birth of someone whose excellent deportment matches her excellent demeanour. Such a girl as this is born but rarely. She will combine beauty with brain. She will be soft spoken, pure in thoughts and deed and will inspire other people to undertake philanthropy, and people will meekly follow her. This is the key word for this girl, as she will be extremely sensitive, charitable, helpful, quick witted, and will command immense respect wherever she goes. She will have the innate capacity to straightaway reach the heart of the matter. People will be mesmerised by her total personality. If, by chance for this girl, Venus is in the ninth house of Pisces, in exaltation, she will live a fairy tale life throughout. She will be a queen of hearts.

In fact this whole set up in this case becomes so auspicious those people who come in contact with this woman will become pious in thought and deeds. The wicked and sinister guys will keep themselves miles away from this soul. If they perchance come anywhere near this woman, their sinful ways will melt away in the fire of her purity.

According to many an astrological treatise, the birth of a girl in an even sign in the ascendant is auspicious. If the Moon and the Sun are also in the even houses and birth is in the night, the woman will become fortunate in her life.

Similar but not identical results can be foretold if the Moon is in the ascendant and Jupiter (in own house) and Venus (in exaltation) are in the ninth house in Pisces; in this combination, Jupiter’s fifth aspect on the Moon will carry the good effects of Venus to the ascendant.

If in the above combination if Venus is in the angular fourth house of Libra creating a powerful Maalavya Yoga, and the second house lord the Sun in the fifth house of Scorpio, having just emerged from its fall in Libra, thus totally cleansed of blemishes, being aspected by the ninth Jupiter, it can lend immense beauty to the face of this woman. In other permutation of this placement, the full Moon (lagna lord-representing the native herself) in the eleventh house of Taurus (its exaltation), having the mutual aspect of the Sun (the lord of face, second house), with the Sun reflecting the effects of ninth Jupiter to the exalted full Moon, can make this woman equivalent to a Moon – faced goddess in beauty.

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