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Widower Hood – Indication of Early Death of Wife in Astrology

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Widower Hood – Indication of Early Death of Wife in Astrology

A man whose spouse has died is a widower. Widower is a person who has outlived the woman to whom he was married at the time of her death. The widowers may have deep feeling of loss of someone, who kept them organized and whole. Untimely death of the wife induces the loss of primary source of protection, support, and comfort in the lives of the widower.

The widower may experience an array of emotions, such as anger, numbness, denial, and profound sadness, shock (if the death of the wife is sudden and unexpected), along with many physical problems.

Factors responsible for widower hood:

2nd house: longevity of wife

7th house: indicates wife

8th house: house of death for wife

Venus: significator of wife

Mars: sudden deaths due to injuries/accidents/fevers/weapons

Saturn: significator of longevity/death of a person

Different combinations for widower hood:

2nd house:

  • Rahu and Saturn posited in 2nd, indicates the native will renounce the wife or his wife will die early.
  • Lords of 2nd and 7th, combined in 3rd/ 6th/8th/12th houses, indicates consecutive death of three wives. But if the lords of 2nd and 7th are strong the wife will live longer.
  • If 2nd house and its lord from ascendant/Moon are very powerful but severely influenced by the Mars, then the natives wife will die prematurely.

7th house:

  • A malefic posited in 7th and aspected by a malefic planet.
  • A weak planet is posited in 7th.
  • Lord of 5th placed in 7th house.
  • Lord of 8th posited in 7th house.
  • Debilitated Jupiter posited in 7th house.
  • A malefic in 7th and 4th house, is the indication of wife’s death.
  • Weak malefic posited/lord of 7th house, indicates early death of wife.
  • If the lords of ascendant and 7th are in conjunction or aspect with each other, the native will have more than one wife.
  • Moon in 7th, afflicted by malefic without having any beneficial influence. Or having favourable aspects of Jupiter/Venus.
  • Lord of 7th is set/weak /debilitated posited in 8th/12 house indicates early death of wife.
  • Moon placed in 4th in association/opposition to Saturn, indicates widower status.


  • Mars in 6th, Rahu in 7th and Saturn in 8th, early death of wife is indicated.
  • Mars placed in ascendant/4th/7th/8th/12th, indicates early death of wife.


  • Venus combined with a malefic in 7th house, without having the influence of any benefice planet.
  • Lord of 7th and Venus are auspicious and posited in 7th, and if 7th house/lord is strong without having influence if evil planets, the husband and wife will die simultaneously.
  • Debilitated Venus and Moon placed in 4th house, indicates early death of the wife.
  • Venus posited in dual sign, 7th house afflicted by malefic, the native has to bear the sorrow arises from the death of wife.
  • Sun/Venus in 4th, afflicted by malefic.
  • Venus posited in 4th house, afflicted by Mars/Saturn, indicates early death of wife. But if the Venus is in cardinal sign the wife will survive.
  • Venus in sign Capricorn/Aquarius indicates the wife will die before the native.


  • Sun placed in a Virgo ascendant and Saturn placed in 7th in Pisces sign, the wife will die in the Mahadasa [opening period] of Saturn.
  • Sun placed in Virgo ascendant and Mars posited in 7th, the native will remain widower, till death despite multiple marriages.
  • Weak and afflicted planet placed in 7th/ being lord of ascendant/exalted in ascendant, indicates death of marriage- partner.