Sexually Seducing a Man – Accused For Being Irresistibly Attractive to Men

Sexually Seducing a Man – Accused For Being Irresistibly Attractive to Men

Almost every woman at one time or the other has been accused of sexually seducing a man, even when they did not even do more that smile at a man. We hereby examine at what point seducing men melts into sexually seducing men, or are men just being defensive of their eternal carnal weaknesses?

Definition of seduction

Seduction can be defined as the act of coaxing, inducing or enticing a person into committing an act, often sexual in nature, by manipulation or otherwise of curiosity, desire, and fear, all in an attempt to attract the person or influence the person’s behaviour.

In the olden days, the word implied leading someone astray, exemplified by when a woman lured a man into a sexual relationship. In present day usage however, seduction is frequently used more broadly as being similar to the act of charming someone-male or female-by an appeal to the senses.

The History Of Seduction

Seducing a man is not a new thing. According to tradition, the biblical Eve was a classical seductress who enticed Adam to eat the forbidden fruit; Sampson’s brain was also scrambled by the subtle seduction vampire, Delilah, which eventually led to his downfall; the Sirens of Greek myth lured sailors to their death by utilizing symbolically feminine wiles; and Cleopatra of around 40BC Egypt was famous for her ability to seduce very powerful men like Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, whom she beguiled and wrapped round her elegant fingers. The list is endless.

But the question is, was each of these women just seducing a man or were they sexually seducing a man? And if they were, what were their aims? Did they achieve such aims? That’s the interesting part.

That A Woman Is Sexually Seducing A Man Is A Sexist Accusation

We are going to look at this seduction issue purely from the female perspective. You may call it being sexist, but it appears that there has been an unspoken element of sexism around the issue of seduction. Let me explain that.

Have you ever noticed that while a man is only ever accused of “seducing a woman”, a woman in the same circumstance is always accused of “sexually seducing a man”? I wonder what the rationale for that is.

A closer observation will point out that whenever the word seduction is mentioned, most people jump to the conclusion that a woman must have been ” caught” sexually seducing a man, even without knowing whether it was a man that was doing the seducing.

Further, the term seductress has been “partisanly” defined as a usually unscrupulous woman who seduces or exploits men, and has gained the following inglorious nicknames – vixen, enchantress, femme fatale, siren [some even say sex siren], temptress, flirt, vamp, bitch or even witch! At some point, you might be forgiven if you begin to wonder whether men are ever guilty of seduction.

Reasons Why Women Seduce Men

Women have always known ways to seduce a man, and have their reasons, the major one being to make him to do their bidding, whatever it may turn out to be. But in reality, women hardly need any reason, as the apparent weakness of man at the sight of an attractive woman makes it dead easy for a woman to place them under her spell and get exactly what she wants without using the powers of a seduction vampire.

It therefore goes without saying that if a woman learns how to be irresistibly attractive to men, she wouldn’t have any need to learn ways to seduce men since men will be queuing for her attention. She will simply use her female body language to attract men.

Women want to be noticed, appreciated and listened to, and most men just don’ t seem to get it. The simple thing is to distract them with the power of feminism, which can be subtle in execution but devastating in effectiveness. It could be a sweet smile or a slight wave of elegant arms.

Seducing a man is relatively easy for women. This is because men historically tend to place significantly higher value on physical appearance in a partner than women do.

It is therefore a simple matter of a woman making herself irresistibly attractive and using some slight body movement to ensnare any man. It’s just one of the ways to seduce a man, and is left for the man to either control his imagination of what could possibly be, or let it run wild.

From the foregoing, it will be unfair to say that a woman was sexually seducing a man just because she made herself so irresistibly attractive that men swooned towards her. Yes, she may have planned to attract a particular man and in the process made herself as attractive as she could. The effect she has on any man is not her fault. Or is it?

Every man likes being seen as being important and appreciated by the women folk. Hence, it is normal to see most men fall flat to seduction. It is one weapon every woman is endowed with to be able to attract any man of her choice and make him her slave. It doesn’t have to be sexual.

Seducing a man is a normal thing every woman does. The only rule here is that every woman must endeavor not to allow people to have the impression that she is blatantly sexually seducing a man by not going over the top. Otherwise, they will lend credence to the medieval thoughts and beliefs of the infamous Casanova, who wrote that “there is no honest woman with an uncorrupted heart . ..After all, a beautiful woman without a mind of her own leaves her lover no resource after he had physically enjoyed her charms”

I don’t think any woman will be that base.

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