February 26, 2024

How to Date a Taurus? Learn to Tame the Female Bull and Make Her Totally Seduced by You

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How to Date a Taurus? Learn to Tame the Female Bull and Make Her Totally Seduced by You

The Taurus female is cool and collected — her relaxed and laid back aura can make anyone feel at ease but you should beware as well — the bull strikes deadlier than anybody else. Once their temper explodes, it can be hard (or even quite impossible) to compose her down in a snap. It would take a lot of sweat and reassurance, so you don’t want to challenge her wrath in any time of the day. Nevertheless, it’s always quite an experience to date a Taurus female — they are exciting and definitely worth dating. They can guarantee romantic bliss and exhilarating sexual privileges. Below are some tips on how to date a Taurus — discover her secrets and make her attracted to you like a bulls-eye.

  • Never be late. Of course, everybody hates latecomers. However, a Taurus female hates waiting like passion so as a result, she is punctual for she hates having to make people wait for her as well. If you want to have a good impression and glide through the date as smoothly as you can, be on time. If you’ve never been, now’s the perfect time to start.
  • Skip the pick up lines. The Taurus female is smart and quite worldly. They love to read so expect that she’s one intelligent and witty — and yes, skip on your worn-out pick up lines at all costs. Nothing can turn her off more. Being well-tuned, she expects you to value her intelligence and to engage her in a real conversation. So save your pick-up lines for somebody else.
  • Be up to date. Taurus women have very elegant taste and they always have fine tastes in everything — food, clothes, furniture, personal belongings. When a Taurus female says it’s a good movie, it might definitely one amazing film. So respect her judgment — they almost always never fail.
  • No to change of plans. One thing about a Taurus woman you should always remember is their issue with flexibility. Sure, they’re cool and laid-back but they also have a great connection with nature. They usually find a hard time adjusting to change so if you’re going out tonight, you’re going out tonight. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not this weekend. Tonight.
  • Get romantic. Romance will always rank high in every woman’s standard when it comes to their man — even a Taurus woman. She will marvel at the thought that you find her beautiful tonight and she will not hesitate to get intimate with you as well.

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