My Wife is Always Angry – Is it Possible to Make Her Happy Again and Save the Marriage? Here’s How!

My Wife is Always Angry – Is it Possible to Make Her Happy Again and Save the Marriage? Here’s How!

Are you shaking your head, and wondering why on earth your wife is always so darned angry. If you are then you’re not alone. In fact I went through it myself and wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to save my marriage because of it. If your wife is always angry and you don’t know what to do to make her happy again, and fix the marriage then keep reading for some great tips to help you out.

First Thing Is First, Why Is Your Wife So Angry

To know how to fix a situation, it always helps to know the cause of the situation. You see, sometimes men will automatically assume that it’s them that they’re wife is so angry at, when that’s not even true. You wife could simply be mildly depressed due to a chemical imbalance. But then again, it very well could be you.

Sorry but it’s true.

My Wife Was Always Angry and It WAS Because of Me…

For years and years, like the first 6 years of my marriage in fact my wife and I were both angry a lot of the time. Our marriage was in turmoil, and it was pretty clear that I was the reason that my wife was mad most of the time. If it wasn’t because of me, it seemed like she made it that way. It started to wear down on the marriage even more though, which caused me to be stressed, and therefore I was starting to be angry.

What I Had to Do, and What You Should Do Too…

I decided that me getting angry too wasn’t solving anything. While I refused to take all of the blame I decided that if the marriage was going to get fixed, at that point, I was going to have to take the majority of the responsibility. In other words, it was up to me to fix my half of the marriage. I was going to start the process of rebuilding my marriage no matter what.

It wasn’t easy, and there wasn’t a whole lot of help regarding fixing a marriage virtually by yourself, so I had to search out and try out the best practices that I could.

How to Stop the Cycle of Anger, Save Your Marriage, and Become Happy Again…

The first thing, and maybe most important thing I did was take divorce off the table as an option. I decided to get that out of my mind, because if you’re anything like I was, then that little old D-word was always in the back of my mind. In fact sometimes I longed for it. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from my goal and commitment which was to fix my marriage.

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