A Stubborn Wife Creates an Angry Husband

A Stubborn Wife Creates an Angry Husband

I am married to a man whom I sometimes refer to as “My Diva Man.” He is a person who likes things a certain way. He can be quite demanding at times. However, he is also a wonderful husband who works very hard so that I can be home with our two beautiful daughters every day.

Unfortunately, this stubborn wife sometimes forgets that and stomps her foot and refuses to give in to him and what he needs.

Let me share an example that happened recently…

We just started doing the South Beach Diet together. So, I need to make his lunch more often than I used to…now it’s every day.

The other day, I could not find a container large enough to hold what I made AND small enough to fit in his lunch box without having to be at an angle. Well, I didn’t think twice, I just put it on an angle.

The next day I did the same thing. This time, however, he looked in his lunch box and got annoyed. He told me that the dressing from the salad got all over the container lid last time. He asked me what he was supposed to do. I told him to scrape it off. BOOM! He got angry. He said I did not care about him and that he had to go work all night and so on. I got annoyed and basically told him he was a jerk. He went to work.

The next morning I got up to make him breakfast and some food for his second job. I made a tuna salad. What I did not do was drain the tuna as well as he would have liked it and again he noticed BEFORE he even left. He was angry and annoyed and again said that I did not care about him and that I just threw his lunch together with no thought.

I got VERY angry and told him he was self centered and unthankful for the fact that I woke up and was nice enough to make him something.

We went back and forth for a few and he left for work.

Now, of course, my Dear and Wonderful Daddy in Heaven convicted me that day while my husband was working. He made me realize that I was the one who was wrong. I needed to be a help to my husband NOT a stubborn wife. I needed to love and CARE about what I was doing for him, not just throw something together and have a “It’s better than nothing” attitude.

So, I apologized to my husband when he got home from work. And, he apologized for not expressing himself nicer.

My STUBBORNNESS and “whatever” attitude was a hindrance to my husband. It made him angry and upset. Thankfully I got past myself fairly quickly.

Unfortunately, many times, us wives remain stubborn for a LONG time and it causes our men to stumble .

The Word tells us VERY clearly to adapt ourselves to our husbands. Not always an easy task for this fallen woman! LOL!

Helpful and Cooperative Wife = Happy and Fulfilled Husband.

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