March 4, 2024

The Regenerated Woman!

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The Regenerated Woman!

The woman is the beauty and crown of creation. It is worthy of note that God rested after creating the woman. She brought fulfillment to God and He knew His work on creation is done after He made the woman.

However, in the course of events, the woman derailed. She left the path earmarked for her by God to follow the wrong path. To show you the kind of influence she commands, she took her man with her in that downward journey: she ate the apple and also gave her husband to eat! God sent His Son: Jesus to perfect His plans for mankind. The woman caught the passion and power of the Gospel to regenerate her, recreate her and revitalize her. She responded positively to God’s lavish gesture to mankind. She accepted the generosity of Divinity to humanity.

The regenerated woman is that woman with the divine attributes in her; she is that woman that has been saved from her sins. She is a joy to behold; she is a loving gift to her world and man. She is the daughter of Abraham that knows her worth as the salt of the earth and her value as the light of the world. She is the enterprising woman talked about in Proverbs 31; she is as prayerful as Hannah, as inspiring as Queen Esther and as humble as Mary the Mother of Jesus. She is as strategic as Jochebed and as inspiring as Deborah. She is endowed with the following attributes:

Responsible: A responsible woman sees and accepts only the best in a given situation. She is one that her man looks up to but who doesn’t look down on herself or her man. She always has answers, solutions and suggestions for any given situation. A responsible woman guides, controls (albeit subtly), directs with superior knowledge that is higher than that of her contemporaries! Remember she doesn’t go bossing her man rather she is of great service to him.

She sees things that need to be done to make her life and those around her fun. She excels in business and life’s affairs. She sets her mind on the profit and joy people around her derive from her services rather than self-gain.

A responsible woman doesn’t turn the other way when she spots opportunities and needs rather she gets to work and ensure things are done properly to the benefit of all involved.

She is passionate about her man and his goals. She doesn’t seek for immediate gratification rather she weighs the matters before her and takes the right decisions which deliver great results. She is after the joy and happiness her man will exude on achieving his dreams. She is mindful of the contentment her man will feel knowing that he is so blessed with a responsible and matured woman.

Courageous: A courageous woman has guts, she is daring and audacious! Nothing breaks her except the love she has for her man. Nothing moves her like the Gospel. The courageous women have hearts of gold; this is contrary to the school of thought that has it that courageous women are wicked and heartless.

A courageous woman is the bedrock on which her man stands and lands when life’s situations give him a push. She is a woman who has grown in grace and wisdom. She fears nothing because she knows the Greater One lives inside her. Her choice of words are awesome, soothing and brings hope to her hearers. She can handle anything and can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. She is a huge success, a plus to the man in her life and an inspiration to people in her world.

Intelligence: An intelligent woman is a goldmine! She has the ability to learn, reason and understand things better and faster than her contemporaries. She is competent, alert and can reason out stuffs easily. She is sharp witted and able to put to good use her divine deposits.

She is a great assistance to her man in his endeavours; she has a way with words and can easily accomplish even heinous. She does not need to hold a doctorate degree in every discipline but she knows little of everything and much of something!

Loving: This woman loves without reservation. She loves even the loveless and always willing to go the extra mile to put smile on someone’s face. She knows the difference between love and lust and flees from the latter. Her smile is genuine and her laughter is merry and healing. She invests her divine personality in others and wins them to Christ.

Trustworthy: She is an embodiment of trust. She has nothing to hide and very dependable. Her yes is yes and her no remains no. She does not mince her words. She is a reliable friend and not easily given to wrath.

This kind of a woman is graceful, successful, faithful, truthful, powerful and purposeful. When found, please hold her tenaciously for she will beautify your world with her elegance.