November 28, 2023

3 Qualities That Attract Men to Women

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3 Qualities That Attract Men to Women

For some women attracting men is not that difficult because they naturally have the “it factor” that makes them stand out but many women are experiencing failures in attracting men. Many single women are wondering what really attracts men. It is obvious that beauty alone is not enough as there are beautiful women who are unsuccessful with men and there are average looking women who attract men like magnet. There are qualities that attract men to women and it is important to possess those qualities to achieve success with men.

Initially, men are attracted to the physical appearance of women. Men are usually attracted to thin women or those women who can wear any type of clothes without having to worry about love handles. A good set of teeth, beautiful hair and flawless skin will definitely get a man’s attention. But as the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep. While it is not bad to be physically attractive, relying only on physical beauty to attract men is underestimating men. Although some men could fall to women who has nothing but their beauty, there is a possibility that this kind of attraction is not a lasting one. Most men are looking for something more than beauty. So what are the qualities that attract men to women?

Communication skills. The ability to effectively communicate says a lot about a woman. If a woman can carry a great conversation she is definitely a confident and an intelligent woman. She knows herself more, not insecure and knows what she want. To carry a great conversation one must be attentive and know how to use the right words. You should know when to listen and when to talk. Conversation is not all about talking but it also includes listening. It is not all about you but most importantly show genuine interest on the person you are talking to. A good conversation could start on something you have in common. If a woman wants to keep up with the conversation, she should at least know what most men are interested at like sports, current events, etc. It is not about showing off but it is about conveying a message that you are interested on things that matters to him. Communication skills is not an inborn skill, it can be learned through constant practice so if you are not confident with your conversation skills, go out there and practice. The ability to carry great conversation is one of the qualities that attract men to women. Not all women have the ability to communicate effectively, so if you have it, you are way ahead of other women.

Kindness. Kindness is an inward beauty that makes women even more beautiful outside. A woman who is kind in words and in action is very admirable. Being genuinely kind is one of the qualities that attract men to women. A kind woman is approachable and always wear a smile. A kind woman is not someone who talks ill about other people. She is soft-spoken and respect others. A kind person is sincere and ready to help others. She is considerate of the feelings of other people and do not make other people feel bad about themselves. A kind person is understanding and do not usually nag or get angry on petty things. But of course a kind person is different from a push over or a doormat. Men are usually drawn to kind women.

Sense of humor. A good sense humor is very handy especially when you need to break the ice to make someone comfortable with you. One of the qualities that attract men to women is the ability to make him laugh. A woman who have the ability to make the situation less serious and takes off the burden to men to lighten up the situation is admirable. Laughter gives good moods and vibes to almost everyone. Make him laugh and he will never forget you.

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