Have A Life BEFORE Becoming A Wife

Have A Life BEFORE Becoming A Wife

Women, ever wonder why you are having so many issues in your relationship? Ever wondered why you can’t find a good husband? Yes, we know that some of the best men are either married or gay. However, contrary to popular opinion, there are good men out there and yes, they are single AND available. So how do you go about attracting those men short of going to a “Seeking Men for Jesus” gathering? How do you go about getting a man to work on himself to become the kind of husband you desire? You do that by beginning to work on becoming complete within Yourself INSTEAD of seeking someone to complete You.

Are you ready to be a wife? Do you have your own life with your own thing going on or are you seeking a man to fill your life and give you purpose? If a man is the only thing you have going on in your life, then when you begin to have problems those problems will flatline you. You won’t have anything else going on in your life to sustain you. Having a man, having an intimate relationship should only be one part of your life, not the entirety of your life. That is why so many women lose their minds when their partner cheats or has an affair.

It is so very important to have your OWN life BEFORE sharing that life with someone else. Before you be a wife to a man, make sure you are wife material. Would you marry the woman looking back at you in the mirror? That is NOT referring to your sexy, well-shaped body or your bedroom skills NOR your cooking skills. Are you emotionally mature? Are you working on your self-growth and personal development?

You cannot expect to marry someone, who is the perfect husband, but you are not the perfect wife. You cannot expect to marry someone, who is faithful, not running around with lots of women, who is NOT ready to settle down, who is NOT emotionally ready, if you are just as emotionally immature, which means you are extremely jealous, possessive, insecure, have low self-esteem, lack confidence, no identity, no sense of self, but you expect a man to have lots of money to look after you financially. Do you have your own money?

Do for Yourself FIRST what you would like a man to do for you. Take yourself out on a date with Yourself. Travel the world on Your dime. Buy yourself nice things. Work your own money have your own money. Be able to afford your own life. Do you have your own mutual funds that you are investing in? No, this is not referring to a 401K.

Of course, it is NOT a must to have investments. This is just a checklist for the things you can do and have for yourself. NOR does this mean that you should be materialistic and be constantly buying things just to have and impress. This is about having your own life BEFORE becoming a man’s wife. That way you can BE your own woman with or without a husband. That way if a man is causing you unnecessary pain and drama, you can kick his ass out of your life and house while telling him “don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya!!

Set the standard for Your life VERY high so you don’t attract low-hanging fruit from the apple tree. BE at the TOP of the apple tree so that the man you seek will either be at the top already or is willing to grow himself to be the kind of man he needs to be in order to climb to the top of the apple tree to be with You! So, are you ready to BE a wife?


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