November 28, 2023

How to Seduce Your Ex Wife! Here Are Some Great Points Which Will Make it All Easy For You

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How to Seduce Your Ex Wife! Here Are Some Great Points Which Will Make it All Easy For You

When you feel like you want to seduce your ex wife you should know that you are going to be treading delicate grounds. You need to be very careful in approaching this as you want things to work out well. Unlike a fresh first date, getting to seduce your wife is going to take a little longer because of your history. Here is what you need to do to seduce your ex wife.

Make her feel comfortable with you
Get her out of the uncomfortable zone and make her feel comfortable with you once again. She has to be able to at least hang out with you first before you get her into the seduction zone.

Sort out the unresolved issues
Work out your unresolved issues. Go for counseling or just start communicating with each other so that you are able to move on and leave the past behind. One the issues are sorted intimacy comes a lot more voluntarily.

Start as friends
Take this as a new relationship. Show your ex wife that you are treating your relationship with her in a delicate manner and to do that you must first become friends. If you are able to get comfortable talking to each other as friend and are able to connect as friends then your move with her become a lot easier to handle.

Don’t move too soon
A lot of men jump the gun and make the move to seduce their ex wives too soon. Your timing has to be right. You cannot make your ex feel ‘used’ at any time. The minute she feels this way you will be out of her life for good. So work on wooing her first.

Take her for an outing
As a part of the wooing process you must take her out on a date. Just don’t call it a date, call it an outing. Take her to the one place that she absolutely adores. Go in the evening or night when the people are not thronging you and you can get some intimate and quiet time with your ex. Wow her with your thoughtfulness.

Get talking of old times
Gradually start talking about the old times when you were together. Regale at your happy moments and tell her funny stories and incidents you remember. Tell her of that one time when she looked radiantly beautiful and you couldn’t get your eyes off her.

Tell her you still love her
Then tell her that she looks even more beautiful now. She will be overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and just when she is feeling all mushy inside tell her that you still love her and always will. Your job is now done!