December 9, 2023

7 Tips for Getting Your Wife in The Mood For Giving You Head

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7 Tips for Getting Your Wife in The Mood For Giving You Head

Hey man,

So, your wife isn’t giving you head as often as you’d like her to? No worries, I’m sure you can get her in the mood for going down on you with the right persuasion tactics. I’ll give you 7 simple tips that you can apply now and triple the chances of getting your wife ready and eager to take you in her warm, wet mouth. Apply these tips, and she’ll never deny you oral sex again.

1. Shaver, shower and smell great.
If you smell bad, and your crotch is full of hair, no wonder your wife isn’t in the mood for sucking you off. Hygiene is number one. Just do it. You’ll enjoy the head more anyway, plus, your wife won’t have to stop every 5 seconds to take a piece of hair off of her tongue.

2. Don’t ask, let alone beg for it.
Asking, or even worse – begging your wife to give you head won’t get her in the mood at all. Never ask for oral. She should assume that it’s something that she has to do (and, later, I’ll teach you how to get her to enjoy giving you head all the time). If you ask, you’ll seem pathetic and needy, and that’s a turn off to women. It’s a fact that women naturally enjoy giving oral more to men that are 100% self-confident. When you are decisive, you get more head. So be more dominant in bed, lead the action. Anyway, never ask for oral ever again, instead – use an indirect method to make it look as if giving you oral was HER idea in the first place. I’ll tell you how to do that later.

3. Go somewhere.
It’s a good idea to go on a weekend trip with your wife, in a completely new environment and have great sex there. When you go somewhere that’s new, it’s something that you will both remember. Take a shower together. Make your wife feel young again and beautiful. Every woman wants to feel desired, your wife included. She needs to feel that you want every inch of her body. Take her, lead her, and give her great sex. When you go home, after this experience, she’ll feel excited again and great about herself, and she’ll reflect this on you, therefore, she’ll give her best to please you back and show you her appreciation.

4. Once you get her to give you head, it’s very important that you get her to feel great about herself during and after the fellatio. Give her compliments, tell her how great it was – moan loud. All these things will make her feel great about herself and she’ll connect these feelings to giving you oral.

5. When she gives you oral, don’t force your penis down her throat. Let her go as deep as she is comfortable with it. Often, women are confused when they give head, they don’t know whether they are doing it right or not, they may even be scared to mess up and humiliate themselves. That’s why you have to be as non-judgmental as possible. Have fun in the whole process, smile, later on – kiss her, hug her, tell jokes. She needs to get comfortable with failing when she’s with you. Take the pressure off of her. When she’s relaxed and when she knows that she isn’t judged, she can play around with your penis without worrying about consequences.

6. Eat her out. Sometimes it’s just that simple. You’ll get your wife in the mood to give you head if you give her head first. Eat her out as it’s the thing you desire most in life, and expect nothing in return. Just do it because you want to do it. And you better want to do it. Give, and you’ll get back.

7. Last, but not least, set up a nice atmosphere. A little wine can always help, a nice dinner at your place, turn off the phone, forget about work, just enjoy each other. Put on some nice music. Create privacy, so that you can relax, have sex all around the house, scream and talk dirty to each other. When you can satisfy her better than any other guy, she’ll give her best to keep you – oral sex included.