March 4, 2024

How to Impress a Beautiful Woman – 3 Easy Ways to Make Her Weak!

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How to Impress a Beautiful Woman – 3 Easy Ways to Make Her Weak!

Do you want to impress beautiful women? Well if you do, there is something you need to know first. The trick is to not actively TRY to impress them. It is actually the subtle things that impress women and create attraction. Too many men these days are actively trying to impress by the clothes they wear, talking about the car they drive, and buying women tons of drinks. Here are three keys to doing it right…

How to Impress a Beautiful Woman – 3 Easy Ways to Make Her Weak!

Strength of Reality

This one is so effective at building attraction that it is almost scary. Women are not attracted to a man because of his appearance (that actually plays a very small role). Instead, they are attracted to the type of man he is and the type of world he lives in.

Having a strong strength of reality really means that you command your own emotions and that other will follow your lead. In other words, you will not allow others to bring down your mood and you will not react to what others say and do. You are a giver of emotions and you are always the one to take the lead.

Eye Contact

The amount of eye contact you make with a woman says a lot about you. Do you have any idea how many guys are insecure about themselves these days? Let’s just say that ‘a lot’ would be a gross understatement. And this is a HUGE frustration for women.

Making strong and consistent eye contact with a woman shows her that you are one of the FEW men who is secure in who he is. Even further, strong eye contact shows her that you do not have a ‘hidden agenda’ and that you actually believe in what you are saying to her. Once you get this down, creating that initial attraction will be absolutely effortless.

Create Tension

Did you know that smiling actually takes the tension out of a situation? This is the primary reason why you need to make sure you are not smiling too much when interacting with a woman. You WANT to create tension between the two of you as this will easily shift to sexual tension once you begin to physically escalate with her.