Sex – Why Women Love To Do Naughty And Taboo Things In The Bedroom With The Right Men

Sex – Why Women Love To Do Naughty And Taboo Things In The Bedroom With The Right Men

Many people live boring sex lives. That’s a shame, but it’s a FACT.

However, the truth is that many women spend a lot of time thinking about having more sex and better sex than they currently get. Oftentimes, women think about NAUGHTY sex and sometimes things that are considered TABOO.

You see, women are wildly sexual creatures, when given the right circumstances.

When I say the right circumstances, what am I talking about?

Well, first off, they have to be with the RIGHT MAN.

The right man must respect his woman, be honest with her (this builds trust) and he must develop an emotional connection with her.

On top of that he must appreciate his woman and not take her for granted.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

However, 90% of men fail to do one or more of those things with their women. And you have to do those things with your woman OUTSIDE OF THE BEDROOM, if you want your woman to fully give herself to you inside the bedroom.

It’s when a woman meets a man who knows how to treat her outside the bedroom and inside the bedroom, that she goes on to have the kind of wild, naughty sex that she wants, needs and craves (but that most men know nothing about how to give).

So when I say NAUGHTY, what do I mean?

Well, naughty things are things that you wouldn’t do in the office or whilst out in a restaurant. Naughty things are also the things that many men think women don’t want and that society has taught us that women don’t want.

However, the truth is that women want to get naughty with their man.

Believe me, your woman wants you to spank her bottom when you are having sex with her ‘doggy style’.

She wants you to grab her hair.

She wants you to TALK DIRTY in the bedroom.

She sometimes wants you to ‘do it’ with the lights on, so that you can really see what’s ‘going on’.

Sometimes, she wants you to leave some of her clothes on whilst you make-love to her.

All those are examples of being NAUGHTY. With a little thought and imagination you can come up with another 1000 ways to give your woman naughty sex.

Taboo is stronger than naughty. Taboo is the kind of stuff that society has told us that we shouldn’t do or that if a woman does, it makes her ‘easy’.

But women LOVE TABOO. It makes them feel alive and lets them show their fully sexuality. A great example is ANAL SEX. That’s very taboo.

And the truth is that most women would love to try it but their men have no idea how to go about making it a reality. (It’s actually easy to get your woman into anal sex when you know how).

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