How to Attract Women the Hardcore Way – By Using No-Nonsense Female Psychology Methods

How to Attract Women the Hardcore Way – By Using No-Nonsense Female Psychology Methods

If a girl showed interest initially but has been ignoring you for the past minute, you need to provoke her into chasing you. Every man has had to face this scenario: he gets ignored by a girl who obviously liked him just because he seems to be clinging on to her every word.

When a woman tunes you out, it means you’re not doing anything to spur her emotions. This is devastating to any man. Fortunately, women are reactive creatures and it takes so little to provoke them. Read on to find out what you can do to make a woman feel antsy enough to get it on with you ASAP.

How To Attract Women The Hardcore Way – By Using No-Nonsense Female Psychology Methods

Strategy #1: “Get Her Riled Up With Jealousy”. This might seem petty but it works! If the girl is with a gal pal, invent a little contest or make them go head to head by inviting them to impress you. Ask a thought provoking question like “what would you do it…” and think of the most bizarre situations. Then, tell them that you prefer the other girl’s answer. Your target will feel compelled to prove herself because you made her jealous. Jealousy is a potent tool so use it wisely.

Strategy #2: “Social Proof”. When a girl rejects you or totally ignores you, walk away like it didn’t matter. Approach another girl and strike up a conversation with her. It doesn’t matter if the other girl is your friend, or your pal’s girlfriend, what matters is that the girl you’re after sees you talking to that woman. Girls assess men based on how other women see them. This phenomenon is called social proof and it’s a powerful way of grabbing a girl’s attention.

Strategy #3: “Fractionation”. Accessing a woman’s emotions is a surefire way of dating her. If a woman doesn’t respond to you, you can try this skill called “fractionation” to acquire women’s interest. Do not slobber desperately or offer to purchase drinks for the girl just to get her attention. If you are able to learn the ropes and be proficient in this covert method,  you can make women feel psychologically dependent on you in less than 15 minutes.

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