December 9, 2023

Tom Brady throwing to ‘former Patriots receivers’ is a gut punch

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The New England Patriots had to transfer on from Tom Brady last offseason when he shockingly decided to signal a two-yr offer with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Of study course, the Patriots responded by signing Cam Newton as a stopgap choice and his struggles under middle underlined why Brady seemingly didn’t assume twice about leaving.

The wound of Brady’s departure may under no circumstances heal, and Patriots admirers are most likely by now mentally making ready themselves for his return to Foxborough in October.

Nevertheless it figures to be a game-of-the-yr contender, the matchup truly could not appear at a worse time for Patriots lovers, who are just starting to change to lifestyle without having Brady.

We despise to rub salt in the wound, but Brady continues to supply intestine punches to the Foxborough trustworthy.

What cruel tactic did the 43-yr-previous allow fly this time? Connecting with a trio of kids with some of his trademark deep passes, but contacting them by the names of previous Pats receivers, together with Julian Edelman, Wes Welker and Danny Amendola.

Tom Brady making use of former Patriots WR names is a tricky watch.

Objectively talking, this is amazing content material. When you take into account the vacation limits stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic very last year, the actual Brady, Edelman, Welker and Amendola likely haven’t tossed the pigskin all around with each other in 4 years.

Nonetheless, why’d he have to do this to us? Couldn’t be contacting these kids Chris Godwin and Mike Evans, huh? No Cameron Brate or Scotty Miller references?

Tom’s a Super Bowl champion in Tampa now, and designed it exceptionally clear all offseason in which his extensive-phrase allegiance lies. But the memories of the guys in New England will apparently normally linger, no make a difference how he feels these days about Robert Kraft and Bill Belichick. What Brady, Welker, Amendola and Edelman did with each other will eternally issue to the region, and clearly those people are the guys who are nonetheless in the back of TB12’s head when he uncorks a move on family vacation.

(Also, these young ones are very very good.)

So…where was the massive gentleman? Gronk, in which you at? Turns out the turncoat who followed Brady to Tampa had other plans.

As cool as it was to see the “band back alongside one another,” nevertheless, this was just torture from a Patriots fan’s viewpoint. Anyone else check out this online video and start reminiscing about the New England teams from the 2010s? Thanks a good deal, Brady. Now we have to spend the rest of our Tuesday watching YouTube highlights of his best passes to each and every of the a few previous Pats receivers.

If this was a examination operate for our emotions, 7 days 4 of following time is heading to be brutal.