The Ultimate New York City Experience

The Ultimate New York City Experience

Anything the heart can desire or the mind can imagine can be found in New York City. But often, it does not come cheap. In fact, some of the prices are downright obscene. If you have a few hundred bucks to blow for a day in a low-cost tourist destination like Biloxi, Mississippi, you can have a grand time. In New York City, on the other hand, a few hundred bucks will buy you a modest good time. (Translaton: Fast-food is readily available.) But if you want the time of your life while in the world’s greatest city, and you have a few stacks of cash to throw around, there are some mind-blowing ways and places to spend it. If you’ve got it, here’s how to flaunt it.

Fly Luxury Class: There are three major airports and loads of commercial flights arriving in New York from around the world each day. But why fly commercial? You can have a private jet pick you up from your hometown and fly you to New York. More specifically, charter a Gulfstream G550 from Luxury Air Jets of Manhattan for the bargain price of $8,500 per hour. Imagine reaching heights of 51,000 ft. while dining on meals prepared by great chefs from Manhattan’s five-star restaurants. Not bad, huh?

Get Around in Exotic Style: After napping in one of two bedrooms on the flight, you’re probably going to be ready to hit the bustling streets of New York City. Where should you start? First, arrange a ride with the friendly staff at Gotham Dream Cars. They have the best selection of cars to choose from to fit the most distinguished clients. Whether it’s a Lamborghini Murcielago, Aston Martin Vanguish, or Bentley Continental, starting at $1750 a day, you won’t be disappointed. If you have no desire to drive in the hectic city, choose the Rolls Royce with your own driver for a mere $325 an hour.

On Top of the World: The pampering doesn’t have to stop there. Next, you can check into the Ty Warner Penthouse, one of the most elegant hotel suites Manhattan has to offer. Located at The Four Seasons Hotel, the suite has 360 degree views of Manhattan, white-glove service and plush surroundings – all to die for. The best thing about this 52nd floor suite is that it only cost $15,077 a night. Why, that’s practically free!

Shop and Spa with the Stars: You might not have much time to admire the fabulous views, however, because there’s so much more to do. Have your driver take you on 5th and Madison Avenues to go absolutely wild in the fabulous boutiques operated by the most successful and famous designers in the world. There’s the jeweler Harry Winston, who boasts one of the most expensive pair of diamond earrings in the world ($8.5 million). And there’s Tom Ford, one of the most exclusive men’s boutiques in Manhattan. Ford, who was formally the head designer for Gucci, has a shop so extravagant that there are maids and butlers around to serve your every need. Personal tailoring starts at $3,800 per suit.

After all that shopping, you might be exhausted. Not to worry: Cornelia Day Spa on 5th Avenue promises to have you feeling like the million bucks you just spent this morning. The $500 Microablation and triphasic combination facial will have your face glowing like the A-list celebrities who visit the spa on a weekly basis. Some of the regulars include Kate Moss, Martha Stewart, Shakira, Vanessa Williams, Lindsay Lohan, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Dine in World-Class Fashion: After all that, you’ll be hungry. For the best of the best restaurants, you could go to Per Se, Daniel, or Le Bernardin. But it’s too late to turn back
now: Go all out and go to Masa, arguably the best Japanese restaurant in the world! With
just 26 seats and no menu, this three-hour experience is one of the most unparalleled in
fine-dining odysseys imaginable. A bill for two can easily exceed $1200. And that’s not
including drinks!

Make New York Your Home: If you do indeed dine at Masa, which is located in the fabulous Time Warner Center , and you fall in love with the impeccable service and ambience, you have the option of just staying. New England Patriot quarterback and cover boy Tom Brady owns a 70th floor condo inside the same building – and it’s currently on the market for $16.5 million.

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