Should I Share My Wife? Read This Before You Decide!

Should I Share My Wife? Read This Before You Decide!

So, you have asked yourself, “Should I share my wife?” Wife sharing can be the most potent sexual experience of your life (for you and, of course, for your wife). Should you share? Honestly, only YOU can answer that question. What I will do in the next few paragraphs is give you the same advice I have given to hundreds of other individuals and couples.

To consider wife sharing, you need to consider the drawbacks. The advantages, of course, are obvious: adding more spice to your sexual life, living out a fantasy, enjoying new sexual experiences. What, though, are the disadvantages? The most common one is jealousy. Another man has sexual intercourse with your wife. Does she enjoy it more? Will she prefer him to you in the future? The second potential drawback can be embarrassment if the person who you allow to share your wife should ever tell your friends and family about it.

I think you can see, though, that the advantages certainly outweigh the drawbacks. But please keep those drawbacks in mind. When you ask yourself, should I share my wife, these drawbacks should form the basis of helping you make a decision.

Now is there a solution to the disadvantages? Yes, certainly. The simple solution is finding a total stranger with whom to share your wife. This is the ideal solution for any couple considering a wife swap. You should become a member of a dating community and, taking your time about it, find the right man to share your wife. An online community, as opposed to classifieds, is better because you can see their photographs and get to know them by chatting on instant messenger or via webcams.

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