December 9, 2023

Ugg Boot Guards May Be the Newest Affordable Trend

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Ugg Boot Guards May Be the Newest Affordable Trend

If you arrived to this story thinking that you can find a new pair of Ugg boots out there that only fees $50, I regret to notify you that that will most likely under no circumstances occur to be, but there is a $50 Ugg merchandise that’ll increase a interesting, protective increase to your boots (and sneakers, but much more on that afterwards). This magical product is the Ugg Boot Guard, which fits around the sole of your boots to preserve the rain and snow away from the suede.

The Boot Guard basically came out in 2021, but for one particular reason or a different, it’s picked up steam as of late. Whilst the waterproof Boot Guards were being created to guard Ugg’s assortment of boots, GQ not too long ago noted that sneakerheads ended up also utilizing them with their beloved Nikes and New Balances. Whatever style of shoe you decide on to pair them with, Ugg’s Boot Guard is most likely the season’s most sensible accessory craze, as rain and snow do not combine properly with shoes (specifically Ugg boots).

When I seemed at the Boot Guards on Ugg’s e-comm web page, it stated that 6.9k individuals have been viewing the webpage at that quite minute, which feels like a whole lot. Offered all of this, I have a feeling these are going to fly out of stock, so buy your pair though you can.

Scroll on to shop the Boot Guards, as very well as our favored Ugg boots to pair them with.