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The background of go over girls in the GTA series

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One particular of the most very well-regarded features of GTA include artwork is the girls that adorn it they are synonymous with their respective titles.

GTA advertising frequently takes advantage of suggestive pictures of include ladies for marketing purposes. Most of these women of all ages have no tale great importance whatsoever. A few of them can be identified in the activity, but most are not. They are primarily intended for marketing intent only. As such, they are largely wallpapers.

Ever due to the fact 2001, Rockstar Video games have made use of these item ads. While not fleshed out as characters, a handful of address ladies do have comprehensive stories and interesting backgrounds. They are a unforgettable element of GTA history, even if they will not do a lot of just about anything.

GTA cover girls – a temporary history

It ought to be observed that every single box include art uses diverse designs. This signifies the go over girls will be drawn in a different way. For illustration, Misty uses a thick black define and bright colours, while Lola lacks an outline and uses a watercolor medium.


Misty from GTA 3 (Image via Rockstar Games)
Misty from GTA 3 (Image by means of Rockstar Game titles)

Misty is a female escort who was greatly featured in promotional artwork for GTA 3. She’s the only include lady to demonstrate up on a story mission, exactly where she seems in a few of them. Misty is a frequent for superior-ranking customers in Liberty Metropolis. Claude frequently drives her close to the spot.

Apparently, she does seem on GTA Online as a mother or father for the player’s character. If they have a collector’s edition or want to transfer among distinctive versions, she will be accessible. Claude also can make a cameo as a probable father. This is as shut as the GTA 3 fans will get to High definition graphics.

The Twins

One of the Twins from GTA Vice City (Image via Rockstar Games)
One particular of the Twins from GTA Vice City (Image by way of Rockstar Game titles)

These Hispanic twins are prominently featured in the include art for GTA Vice Metropolis. The instruction handbook implies they are company to Ricardo Diaz, though they by no means exhibit up in his reduce-scenes. Even so, they do look in-video game in the Malibu Club and Pole Place, respectively.

Just one of the Twins is a barmaid for the popular nightclub, although the other is a stripper. Players can unlock her solutions if they invest $300 on dances. Since their initial appearance, they go on to be referenced in potential online games. For case in point, on line players can get artwork depicting one particular of the twins.


Rochell’le is an appealing case for a address woman. Even though she never ever shows up in the story correctly, she does have a existence. She is a famous singer who primarily specializes in R&B and hip-hop. Rap artist Madd Dogg is her ex-boyfriend, having broken up prior to the situations of GTA San Andreas.

Rockstar Video games had a marketing website for the match, entitled Overlooked Legends of West Coastline Rap. She had some beef with another Rochell’le, and the two settled their dissimilarities right after a decisive struggle.

Rochell’le eventually took a far more lewd strategy to her tunes, which didn’t bode well for her. She broke up with Madd Dogg and has faded into obscurity at any time considering that. In GTA 5, she can be discovered as a poster in Franklin’s home, as perfectly as greenback bills in the Yellow Jacket Inn.

Lola Del Rio

Lola from GTA 4 (Image via Rockstar Games)
Lola from GTA 4 (Impression via Rockstar Video games)

GTA 4 marks the use of watercolor pictures for promotional artwork. Lola was between the 1st to obtain this remedy. According to the LCPD web site, Lola is a repeated customer to Star Junction and Algonquin.

Even so, she simply cannot be found in the primary activity. Gamers can only discover details from her LCPD profile.

Lola is a area escort, in a similar vein to her counterpart Misty. In 2005, she was billed with general public lewdness in 2007, she was billed with prostitution. Evidently, she was a San Fierro resident who moved to Liberty Metropolis.

Players will likely refer to her as the Lollipop Woman. Rockstar Game titles Social Club references her as this sort of in their profile avatars.

GTA 5 selfie girl

The mysteriously unnamed cover girl (Image via Rockstar Games)
The mysteriously unnamed protect girl (Impression by way of Rockstar Game titles)

GTA 5 followers will identify her existence promptly, supplied the prolonged loading screens. As opposed to most include ladies, she is unnamed in this article. A consultant of the Los Santos culture, the scantily-clad lady is viewed having a selfie at a seashore. She is keeping the latest iFruit cellular phone.

Rockstar Games hired genuine-life design Shelby Welinder to pose for a image shoot. By finding in contact with her agency, the growth staff was able to use her likeliness for the protect female. Specified how extensive GTA 5 has been around, the product has immortalized herself in video clip game historical past.

Of training course, that didn’t quit Lindsay Lohan from filing a frivolous lawsuit. Predictably, it was at some point thrown out when the decide considered it a meritless assert.

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