September 25, 2023

Tattoos Beginning With the Letter A

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Tattoos Beginning With the Letter A

Acorn Tattoos are popular in terms of the nut category it’s associated with but uncommon in the mainstream of art. This tiny seed of the oak tree largely represents birth, life and even death. In ancient Scandinavia it was sacred to Thor who believed it symbolized fertility and immortality.

Aegishjalmur or Aegishjalmar Tattoos are somewhat of a mystery because of the huge variety of different designs and their meaning is only truly known by the designer. There are literally hundreds of these tattoo images to choose from but the vast majority typically begin with a cross at the center that increases in area and intricacy. They are considered by many to represent protection or an aura to shield against negative vibes and bring positive remedies.

Alcohol Tattoos and most other types of artwork portraying various types of drink are typically integrated in the famous Man’s Ruin tattoo due to its addictive properties when abused and the change in behaviour it can cause when one becomes intoxicated. Many tattoo images are depicted with other illustrations such as the skull and crossbones which give heed to its users, abusers and worshippers.

Alien Head Tattoos were almost unseen until the now famous event that apparently happened during the 1950s in the USA. Many believe that a UFO crashed in Area 51 with an alien life form onboard, with both being captured by the US military. Numerous images were released but never proven and with this artists began creating their own alien tattoos that usually showed a creature with a big head and large black eyes. Flash designs are still on show in most tattoo parlours but it appears to have had its day.

Amazon Tattoos are derived from a fable race of Greek people that were made up of women who were fearless warriors. Countless battles were fought by these women and Greek heroes with weapons used like axes, spears and clubs. By and large women are the dominant wearers of such tattoo designs.

Anarchy Tattoos shows the letter ‘A’ inside a circle that has been used for many decades by various cultures including during the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939). Today’s Anarchy symbol as a more contemporary feel to it with rougher lines that break through its circular enclosure, which may in itself represent this to the wearer. The anarchy image is used by various anti government movements and white supremacy gangs but also individuals who feel no connection with certain cultures or groups.

Angel of the Apocalypse tattoo is taken from the Angel of Judgement. This winged angel sometimes with a halo holds a sword in his left hand and the scales of justice in his other. These types of designs were first noted by Carswell when travelling Egypt during the 1950s. They typically symbolize spirituality, hope and stability. There is a Christian theme running through tattoos such as these that are categorized as Coptic.

Archangel Michael Tattoo Designs comes from biblical fables where Michael is one of the seven Archangels who battle the Devil and numerous other evil figures and monsters like dragons. Christians believe Michael was leader of men and armies that represented the Church and its conflict with the Heathens. In tattoo terms he symbolizes strength and courage and the will to fight evil.

Aztec Tattoos have a large flash collection due to the amount of various illustrations that can be created around the cosmos. The Aztec tattoo usually depicts suns and moons that give reference to the universe because of the Aztecs belief that the universe was formed by certain cosmic eras. They also believed that dead warriors and women who died in childbirth would enter heaven by a sun named Tollan. Wearers of such tattoo images usually have some connection with the cosmos or credence in its presence.