Pornhub strongly says it will ban ai edited videos

Pornhub confirms it will ban ai edited videos

The site does not aim to bear any resemblance to pornography without permission.

Are you concerned about the idea of fake porn generated by artificial intelligence (aka “deep fakes”)? You are alone. Pornhub has told motherboard it will ban videos that use machine learning to superimpose faces on porn actors. The company prohibits “all information without permission”, and it certainly qualifies – as a rule, the owner of the person did not give permission. Pornhub has put it on the same level as revenge porn.

Whether the company can completely put a stop to it is another matter. Motherboard said it found “many” ai porn videos on our site, most of which were explicitly labeled as “deepfakes” and mentioned celebrities. It would be difficult to completely eliminate these user-uploaded clips (just ask a lot of gaming and tv studios whose content is, er, misused), but it’s clear that there is work to be done.

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