How to Remove Face Moles Without Leaving Scars on Your Face – Natural Removal Techniques That Work

How to Remove Face Moles Without Leaving Scars on Your Face – Natural Removal Techniques That Work

Moles can be described as growths on the skin that are darker in appearance than the surrounding skin. Melanin is the pigment that colors our skin, and the more melanin you have the darker your skin complexion will be.

Unfortunately, sometimes our melanin pigmentation cells grow in clusters causing moles. Experts are not exactly sure what causes moles to develop in the first place. However, they have determined that moles will typically appear during the first 20 years of a person’s life. Moles tend to grow in numbers, size, and get darker due to too much sun exposure, teen years, and pregnancy.

Once up on a time certain moles were actually desirable. A small mole positioned nicely on the cheek is considered a beauty mark by some. However, these face moles are not looked at as a sign of beauty to most people that have them.

Many people want to learn how to remove face moles, but since your face is a sensitive area you will need to becareful with the removal technique you choose to use. You don’t want to rush into anything that will remove the unwanted growths on your face but leave a nasty scar behind.

One way you can remove face moles naturally is by using castor oil. Gently apply castor oil to the affected area on your face before you go to bed. You will then need a bandage to cover the affected area you just applied with castor oil and leave it on until the next morning. This natural remedy will remove face moles by shrinking them until they eventually fall off.

Another effective natural removal remedy involves mixing honey with pineapple juice. You will then take this mixture and apply it to the affected area on your face. The best part about this natural treatment is that it will lighten the color of the moles after each application until they eventually vanish.

You can also take three parts rose water and one part chalk powder to make a paste that has proven to be an effective way to remove face moles. It is important to not use that much chalk powder as this will cause your skin to burn. By applying this thin paste over time your moles will eventually fall off.

Natural remedies are one of the most popular ways to remove face moles since they are inexpensive, highly effective, and don’t leave any scars behind. However, you must apply these natural remedies to the affected area everyday for it to be the most effective.

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