October 1, 2023

How to Dominate a Woman And Make Her Feel Helpless Against Your Killer Charms

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How to Dominate a Woman And Make Her Feel Helpless Against Your Killer Charms

When a woman finds a man with whom she can build an emotional rapport, she’s easily swept off her feet. It may not be completely obvious but you if you know how to read body language then you can always tell. She’ll start blushing whenever your eyes meet and giggle uncontrollably even at your simplest jokes.

In order to become the type of man who can attract women effortlessly, you need to avoid copying the routines and pickup lines of other guys. Rather, you have to add your own personality into your seduction tactics. This way, you come off as more genuine than all of the fake “players” out there who think all they need to do to seduce a woman is spout off some cheesy lines.

1. Showing Self-Esteem Through Body Language

In order to show confidence when interacting with women, you have to have faith in yourself and your own good qualities. Your confidence will show clearly through your body language and any women around will be very impressed. You don’t even need to say a word to show off your confidence – it’ll show through in the way that you move and even in your posture.

2. Dial Back Your Reactions

It’s best to always be cool and relaxed. You can’t act surprised every time a pretty woman gives you the time of day. That makes you seem a bit desperate, which is a major turnoff for most women. You need to train yourself not to get excited or nervous when your interaction with a woman is going well. Just act completely normal and don’t even worry about whether or not she’ll reject you. Remember – there are always plenty more girls out there for you to try dating.

3. Using Covert Seduction

You can add this secret seduction tactic called Fractionation to your normal approach tactic. Just talk to a woman romantically for about 15 minutes, and she’ll become emotionally connected to you. She’ll let down her barriers and you can get inside her head. This method is considered unethical by some, but despite the controversy it’s incredibly effective.