December 9, 2023

Better Sex For Men – 3 Things You Can Do To Pleasure Any Woman Beyond Belief

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Better Sex For Men – 3 Things You Can Do To Pleasure Any Woman Beyond Belief

Here are 3 very important and helpful “better sex for men tips” that will aid you in pleasuring any woman beyond belief.

1. Learn to Last. Even if you think you can last long in bed, you may have a ton of room for improvement.

This is so important because it tends to be the number one complaint of all women who don’t get sexually satisfied enough. Many men simply cannot last long in bed. And the sad thing is they do nothing to change that. Lasting long in bed not only leads to better sex for men, but it leads to huge amounts of confidence which actually translate over to picking women up much more easily (knowing you can pleasure them beyond belief eliminates all worries and anxiety issues).

Tip: The way to learn how to have sex longer, is through exercises and some breathing techniques. There’s a muscle you can exercise, commonly referred to as the “PC muscle”, which actually strengthens your control ability. Anxiety and mental over excitement can be lessened greatly through slow and controlled breathing techniques during sex.

Personal Experiences: Building up foreplay is a great tactic for lasting longer. If you pleasure a woman enough before actual sex, then orgasm will be right around the corner and you won’t have to stress over long lasting sex. Work on pleasuring “erotic zones” on the woman’s body. Use your hands and mouth to pleasure with first, before engaging in actual sex.

2. Positions. Give this one up to the ladies, guys!

We guys can ejaculate pleasurably from just about any position, but women definitely prefer some positions over others, and receive a lot more pleasure from these positions. The standard missionary position is actually very LOW on the totem pole for pleasuring women, yet this is what most men will jump to perform without even thinking about it. Find a position that you know she experiences major pleasure from, and make that your primary position, but definitely do switch it up to other female friendly pleasure positions for varieties sake.

Tip: If you are unsure of a pleasuring position to engage in, then go for the girl on top position. This is always a favorite for many women. They have more control and can maneuver themselves into that “sweet spot” where major pleasure will be experienced. An added benefit for guys in this position is that you actually will end up lasting much longer than you will in other positions. This is due to simple gravity issues. Think about it!

Personal Experiences: Use a pillow as support. Many positions may be “85% pleasurable” yet there still seems to be a bit of discomfort which can prevent the position from being all it can be. If you use a pillow to support you or your partners lower back or neck, you can lock in the particular position, making it 100% pleasurable. I find a support pillow under the lower back when the woman is on top can greatly increase pleasure for both!

3. Thicker Penis. Notice I didn’t say “bigger penis”!

This is because it is not the length that matters to women, but actually the most pleasurable performance aspect to the penis is the thickness, or the “girth” size. This actually provides more pleasure to women during sex. It’s the big secret on the ever controversial question, “does size matter”. It doesn’t matter in the length, but it definitely does matter in girth! The good news is that guys can actually improve their girth size by doing exercises, most notably the jelqing exercise. The basics of this exercise involves massaging the penis continually for a number of sets and reps. Each massage is actually a slow and controlled stroke which starts at the base and ends just before the head. This increases the walls of the penis, creating a much thicker size which will lead to better sex as this is what women find pleasurable.

Extra Tips for Jelqing: The penis should be in a partial erection state. Generally this refers to around a 60% erection, not a full erection. Lubrication is also highly recommended. There is such a thing as “dry jelqing”, but this should be reserved for those more experienced, and even then many advise against not using lube. As far as a jelqing schedule goes, you should set aside 4-5 days a week for jelqing exercises, and expect 8 weeks or so for results to begin to appear.