March 4, 2024

3 Simple Tips to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Is A Beta-Female

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3 Simple Tips to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Is A Beta-Female

Do you want to get your ex girlfriend back? First of all, is your girlfriend an alpha or beta female? If your ex girlfriend is a little conservative, is somewhat lacking when it comes to socializing and is a shy person, these strongly show that she is a beta-female.

You ought to know that if your girlfriend is a Beta-Female, lucky you! Compared to men with Alpha-female girlfriends (women who are independent, competitive, calm, alert and have leadership qualities), you’re going to have it easier to get your ex girlfriend back.

This is simply because beta-female girlfriends are easier to “conquer’. Working on a few strategies will do to get them back to you. But you as a gentleman too, should not take advantages on beta-female girlfriends. They too are women who want to be given love and treated with respect. So get her back the right way.

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Is a Beta-Female #1 – Sweet Talk

For beta-females, using flowery quotes or poems can be good although it still depends on the situation. First, you’ll have to approach her. Someone will definitely have to make a spark to ignite the flame.

Be brave and tell her that your feelings towards her still have not changed a bit. Then give her some space and time to digest that phrase of yours. Giving her time and space to digest those words shows that you respect her as a woman you love and treasure.

Also, within this period of time, do not let your guard down. Send her messages of concern once or a few times every day – not too often, otherwise you will annoy her.

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Is a Beta-Female #2 – She Is Loved and Protected With You Around Her

Truth be told, you have to put in tonnes of efforts to get your girlfriend back. It’s just common sense that a tree will not bear fruits if you do not take good care of it.

For example, offer her a ride to work. Or when she’s having a lunch break from work, you can buy her a surprise lunch meal (her favorite food). Remind her how much she is loved, taken care of and protected when the both of you were still together.

Your goal is to show her that you still do care for her. Whatever you do, never go over board and scare or tick her off. When that happens, you’ll lose her for good.

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back If She Is a Beta-Female #3 – Is Her Presence A Necessity to Your Everyday Life?

Still remember all the soft toys, books, dresses or accessories that she loves? If you had been an alert, understanding and caring boyfriend I’m sure you should have been able to notice the things that she loves.

For example, when it comes to beta-women, giving her a ring that is carved with your name on it and its size fits perfectly into her finger, necklace with a pendent that symbolizes your love or maybe a customized couple t-shirt will can tickle her funny bones and get her excited.

Other than that, you yourself can become the gift. Attend to her every day. This is to show her how much her presence means to you. Do it all the time till she agrees to forgive and will be willing to be your girlfriend again.

Important note, do not treat it as though you are buying her love because that is very wrong. Giving her gifts once in a while is good, doing it too often will make it meaningless. You’re only showing her that you care, so never overdo this. Remember, it is important to know what to do right and avoid doing the common mistakes when in attempt to get your ex girlfriend back.

With these few ideas, I can assure you to melt your beta-girlfriends heart and get them back soon as they are the “less aggressive” type.