The Best Ancient Greece Comedies Still Funny Today

Ancient Greek comedies
A scene from the comedy “Phylax” showing three men (Gynmilos, Kosios and Karion) robbing a miser (Kharinos) inside his house. Side A of a red-figure calyx-krater made in Paestum, 350–340 BC. From Sant’Agata dei Goti. Credit:User:Bibi Saint-Pol/Public Domain 

Some things never change — and humor, luckily, is one thing that hasn’t changed a great deal over time, as we can see today by the comedies of Ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks were known for exploring a wide range of comedic content, using the satire and farce that are just as funny today as they were in ancient times.

Tropes such as mistaken identity and of course the old standby, sex jokes, will never go out of style, as we can still see today. We have always needed an outlet for the stresses and troubles of life and that was just as true two millennia ago as it is

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Greece will not be ‘gateway’ to Europe for Afghans fleeing Taliban, say officers | Global improvement

Greek officials have claimed that Greece will not develop into a “gateway” to Europe for Afghan asylum seekers and have called for a united response to predictions of an increase in refugee arrivals to the state.

Greece’s prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, has spoken to Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, about the building problem in Afghanistan this week. Greek migration minister Notis Mitarachi final 7 days claimed: “We are unable to have tens of millions of persons leaving Afghanistan and coming to the European Union … and certainly not by means of Greece.” The state has just finished a 25-mile (40km) wall alongside its land border with Turkey and mounted an automatic surveillance system with cameras, radars and drones.

Asylum seekers from Afghanistan have produced up 45% of arrivals to the Greek islands so considerably this calendar year, according to figures from UN refugee company.

In June, Greece declared Turkey a

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How Democracy Created in Ancient Greece

In the late 6th century B.C., the Greek metropolis-point out of Athens started to lay the foundations for a new form of political system. This demokratia, as it grew to become acknowledged, was a immediate democracy that gave political power to absolutely free male Athenian citizens rather than a ruling aristocratic class or dictator, which had mainly been the norm in Athens for numerous hundred years in advance of.

Athens’ demokratia, which lasted until finally 338 B.C., is a person of the earliest known illustrations of democracy and whilst new scholarship has challenging the Eurocentric check out that it was the 1st democracy, this ancient political system was very influential in the Mediterranean area. It impressed very similar political systems in other Greek city-states and motivated the historical Roman Republic.

Examine A lot more: How Rome Ruined Its Very own Republic

Athenian Gentlemen Sign up for the Assembly


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Greece Builds 25-mile Fence to Fend Off Afghan Refugees | Voice of The usa

Greece has erected a 25-mile fence and installed a new surveillance program on its border with Turkey as fears mount of a surge in Afghan refugees hoping to achieve Europe. Greece has confronted recurring refugee crises considering the fact that 2015, when a lot more than a million largely Syrian refugees swarmed via its land and sea borders to escape conflict in their homeland. 

Talking from Checkpoint 1, Greece’s essential border put up along the country’s rugged land frontiers with Turkey, General public Order Minister Michalis Chryssochoidis sounded what he named a distinct and truthful warning.
Our borders, he explained, will continue being risk-free and inviolable. And we will not make it possible for any indiscriminate influx of refugees.
The minister’s warning sounded as he toured the checkpoint and a soaring, 25-mile, steel fence done in the latest times amid fears of a deluge of Afghan refugees fleeing for their

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Priestesses Amid Couple of Females Who Had Position, Electrical power in Ancient Greece

Priestesses Ancient Greece
The Eleusinian Mysteries, affiliated with the goddess Demeter and her daughter Persephone, as depicted on pink determine pottery. By the Varrese Painter, ca. 340 BC, from Apulia. Credit score: Person:Bibi Saint-Pol,Public Area

Everyday living for females in most city states of Historical Greece, significantly Athens, was so tough that it would be almost unendurable for us to stay like that today – but ancient Greek priestesses had powers that elevated them to a relatively high status in modern society.

In the vast majority of Historical Greek town states — with the noteworthy exception of Sparta — the way women of all ages ended up handled was, at the quite, incredibly the very least, that of a 2nd-class citizen.

Nevertheless, 1 location of society permitted girls to maintain positions of esteem and allowed them a degree of individual liberty.

Joan Breton Connelly’s seminal do the job “Portrait of

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