February 26, 2024

‘I switched to a vegan beauty routine for a week

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Did you know our skin absorbs 60% of what we apply? Put it like that it and it seems reckless to be rubbing any old formula onto your body.

This then leaves us with a pressing question: what are the best beauty products we should be investing in? The ones packed with chemistry class jargon or the increasingly in-demand plant-based variety?

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Vegan beauty is estimated to be worth over $21 billion by 2027, and you’ll most likely have seen a host of influencers on Instagram trying out #allnatural products. But regardless of their ingredients or popularity, it doesn’t make sense to buy beauty products that can’t deliver.

I put the great green beauty debate to the test by using nothing but vegan skincare and makeup for one week, like Sally Hansen’s plant-based nail polish. Read on, as the results might surprise you.


The cleanser: Scientia, Pure Clarity

Here to prove that clean products are powerful: Scientia’s Vegan Society-approved Pure Clarity is a supercharged cleanser containing exfoliating acids, vitamins and botanicals. It left my skin feeling squeaky clean without any dryness (despite using it every day). After a few days, my face seemed brighter and more refined.

The face scrub: Noto Botanics, Face Scrub

I’m a big fan of a physical scrub, especially in summer when my skin seems to go haywire in the heat (thanks sweat + city smog). This multi-use vegan scrub managed to exfoliate without irritating my face, and the blend of blood orange and AHAs gave me a glow I didn’t know was possible! Plus, my skin was so soft it felt like velvet.

The serum: Monday Muse, The Juice – Daily Serum

An impressive amount of restorative ingredients, including niacinamide, prebiotics and vitamin B5 make this vegan-friendly nutrient-rich formula the ultimate green juice for your face. It’s incredibly lightweight and absorbs quickly without any residue. My skin was noticeably more refined and felt plumper, too.

Suncream: Supergoop, Glow Screen SPF 30

Easily the best sunscreen I’ve used, I’m happy to report that the cruelty-free Supergoop lives up to the hype. If a pearlescent primer and antioxidant serum had a baby, it would be this dreamy skincare-SPF hybrid. On days I wore this, I received multiple compliments from friends about my radiant complexion and my makeup had more staying power.


The nail polish: Sally Hansen, good.kind.pure

When your nail salon asks you where your nail polish is from, you know it’s good. One coat of this vegan nail colour by Sally Hansen was enough to convert me for good. Pigmented and super glossy, it has impeccable staying power and made it two weeks chip-free (and counting). The colour pay-off is also seriously impressive. If you’re struggling to choose a shade, try my new favourite: 280 Fruity Papaya.

The bronzer: MILK Makeup, Matte Bronzer Stick

I’m a sucker for shiny skin, but when things heat up I need formulas with staying power. This savvy 100% vegan bronzing stick is mattifying but stills leaves a natural-looking glow. I also love how easy it is to use – simply swipe on for an instant bronze boost. Great when you are on-the-go.

The blush: Nudestix, Nudies Matte in Nude Peach

This multi-purpose vegan stick goes on like a buttery balm and can be used on cheeks, lips and eyes. It comes in 11 shades spanning from deep browns and reds to lighter pinks and peaches. Wear sheer or build it up in layers for a pop of pigment.

The mascara: Too Faced, Better Than Sex Mascara

I’ve been on a quest to find a clean mascara that rivals my OG wand. Little did I know it was in my drawer the whole time. Yep, like me, you might be surprised to learn that the cult Too Faced mascara is vegan and is one of the best-selling formulas of all time. It bolsters, lengthens and curls sparse lashes without clumps or fallout. What more could you ask for?

My verdict

‘Natural beauty’ might be a buzzphrase, but after my week’s commitment to clean formulas, my skin flourished. I had fewer breakouts and my skin was noticeably healthier and brighter. Could it be that the potent blend of botanical ingredients delivered just enough natural nutrients to perk up my lacklustre complexion? Another big bonus was that my nails stayed shiny and chip-free for longer than usual.

Moral of the story: if you’ve considered transitioning to a vegan routine but are worried your skin will suffer, I’m the proof that this isn’t the case! I’m pleased to report that all products used were as efficacious – if not more so – than their chemical-filled counterparts.

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