February 26, 2024

How Can the Crystal Skulls Save the World?

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How Can the Crystal Skulls Save the World?

Many people learned about crystal skulls (pieces of quartz crystal carved or created into a likeness of a human bone skull) when the last Indiana Jones film aired initially in May of 2008. Unfortunately how real crystal skull investigators and spiritually opened people experience the crystal skulls is not exactly what was shown on the screen. Now I have made a bold statement in the title of this article that I am going to support via some experiences I have had with these crystal friends and what they represent.

First of all, I saw my first (what we call an “ancient” crystal skull, a skull made 1000 years or older) in 1983. As I was just gazing at a photo of this crystal skull, it set off a strong inner vibration inside of me and I just knew in this moment they were vital for the future of humanity (this was a soul knowingness). The crystal skull that I met this day is publicly known as “Ami” (which means friend) and its made our of amethyst quartz, about 8 lbs so it would be a child skulls and purportedly was uncovered in the early 1900’s near a Mayan ruin in Mexico.

How did I know they were important – at that instance, I was overwhelmed with a strong desire that I must share the best information I could (over 26 years now) about who they are and what they represent.

Lets continue with a few more experiences as bullet points so you get an idea of how the crystal skulls can effect you personally and WHAT we have seen from a research perspective:

a) Flash – had an opportunity to visit in Indiana, the home of Bill Homann, the guardian of the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love (clear quartz, two pieces, human size, ancient skull) in March of 2008 for a private session – brought three personal skulls with me which I placed in a triangular shape around the skull (a big one in the front and two smaller ones in the back) and while listening to favorite songs on my MP3 player had contact with a universal being (being more than an individual entity) and felt as if I was experiencing what it was like to be in Heaven (it was so calm and peaceful).

b) Flash – Christmas Time, 1991, in my current home near Chicago, Joke Van Dieten, the guardian of “ET” (smoky quartz, alien looking, human size, ancient skull) was visiting – while meditating with the crystal skull I saw the face of a man, possibly a Mayan Priest in the skull – during this visit brought this crystal together with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull in Indiana and also to the Bahai Temple north of Chicago. Both of these experiences were unbelievable.

c) Flash – Northern part of Peru in the Andes Mountain, while staying in a very primitively built house quite small, I had two visions of a totally translucent Sky Blue colored human sized Crystal Skull, two pieces with a tall masculine being standing behind it. Later when visiting the area known as Laguna Negra, a spirit speaks to me and gives the history of this crystal skull linked to the Lord of Sipan from the Moche Culture which is pre-Inca.

d) Flash – Crazy Experiments with our newly created crystal skull called “Portal de Luz” (“Portal of Light, smoky quartz, one piece, 10 lbs) – in tests with a device called a meridian stress test machine in America and Europe where he was balancing the energy of the various meridians in the test subjects bodies from 90-95%; when meditated with this skull in a crop circle in England done by my ex-wife, Blue Arrow Rainbow Eagle Woman in 2004, a lay line coming in from behind her broke into 2 parts and remained this way for the rest of the day – she said she during her mediation she had contact with two aliens who were puzzled why we humans were not just enjoying the Crop Circle they made and trying to prove it was a fake; and finally in a recent test with this skull by Joshua P. Warren in Asheville, N.C. when exposed to a watch that was radioactive – “Portal” absorbed or blocked about 60% of the radiation and when exposed to 300,000 volts he just smiled and asked for more.


1) The ancient crystal skulls are the computers from civilizations in the far past containing information that can help our world see total peace and harmony – we just have to figure out how to receive this knowledge.

2) All crystal skulls have the ability to store amazing energy and the vibrational frequencies of everything that happens around them if this skull has been already activated or opened.

3) The crystal skulls act like living beings with an intelligence – the newly made skulls even are speaking to their guardians and tell the guardians what to name to give them.

4) A number of the indigenous prophecies state the crystal skulls are involved in helping to create our future and some prophecies say there is a special set of crystal skulls (13, 24, 72, etc…) they will come back together and when they do, this is the catalytic moment which takes us into a golden age.

5) For now they are acting as a catalyst to awaken within the people they meet their inner divinity, an awareness and contact with such!!

So now you know why the study of the skulls have taken over 26 years of my life and that I will never ever be bored. More and more crystal skulls (the old ones) are being found and coming out each day – its an exciting time!!

Thanks for listening, in peace and light always,

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer.