Eating Cherries to Help You Enrich the Blood and Beautify the Skin

Eating Cherries to Help You Enrich the Blood and Beautify the Skin

Iron is the raw material for synthesizing hemoglobin. For women, iron plays a quite significant role. The investigation of World Health Organization showed that about 50% of the girls, 20% of adult women and 40% of pregnant women suffered from iron-deficiency anemia.

Cherries can help alleviate anemia. Anemia is primarily determined by the physical characteristics. Adolescent girls who are at the period of growth have a great demand for iron. If coupled with the monthly period, they are inclined to suffer from iron-deficiency anemia. Pregnant women and women at the suckling period need to supply nutrients to the fetus or infant, so their demand for iron is also high.

For older women, their gastrointestinal absorption and hemopoietic function become weak with the increase of age, which can lead to anemia. Secondly, many women are reluctant to eat meat, resulting in unbalanced nutrition. And that is another important reason for iron deficiency. Therefore, eating cherries regularly can not only alleviate anemia, but also treat a series of gynecological diseases caused by anemia.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, cherries have great medicinal values. Each part of a cherry can be used as medicine. And its fresh fruit have the functions of sweating, benefiting vital energy, dispersing pathogenic wind and promoting eruption. Besides, cherries are suitable for diet therapy to treat numbness of limbs and rheumatic lumbocrural pain.

When we buy cherries, it is better to choose cherries with stems. In addition, delicate colour and plump peel are also important factors we have to pay attention to. If there are cherries left, it is better to store them in the refrigerator and the best temperature is about one below zero.

A cherry is a kind of berry and it can easily be damaged, so we have to handle cherries gently. In addition, although cherries are tasty, we should not eat too much because there is a certain amount of cyanogenic glycosides in cherries, which can lead to iron poisoning or cyanide poisoning if we eat too many cherries.

Cherries are nutritious and the content of protein, sugar, phosphorus, carotene, vitamin C in a cherry is higher than that of apple and pear. If possible, we can apply cherry juice to the face, which a good way to help us eliminate wrinkles and freckles. What is more, cherries can make the skin become rosy and fair.

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