Buff Girl Dating – Three Things Not To Do With A Buff Babe

Buff Girl Dating – Three Things Not To Do With A Buff Babe

If you want to be attractive to a buff girl, you probably know that you should be at least somewhat athletic, have your act together, and be varied and interesting. Here are three tips of what you should avoid when in the company of a buff babe:

1) Don’t blatantly chow down on cheat meal foods (pizza, ice cream, chicken wings, beer, etc.) in front of her when she is watching her diet for an upcoming athletic contest. This is especially true for a female bodybuilder or figure competitor during the last weeks of her pre-contest diet. You can make slight teasing and playful references to cheat meal foods; but being blatant is just mean and will cause disrespect.

2) Don’t make her feel alienated. Chances are that she gets enough stares (both favorable and unfavorable) from people when she simply walks out in public. By either putting her on a pedestal – and diminishing your own priority – or by making her feel weird and ostracized, you will lose respect from her quickly. Once respect goes, attraction quickly follows.

3) Don’t focus solely on her muscles. Guys who have dated female bodybuilders, figure competitors, and fitness models have all appreciated her physique, yet they genuinely liked something else about her. By focusing solely on her athleticism she is made to feel like an object and not a woman. Centering your conversations only on her physique is a near-certain attraction killer.

There are many other recommendations of what to avoid. Start with these three and they will help you avoid some of the more easy attraction killers with any buff girl you like.

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