March 4, 2024

Btc Blender (BitMix) – Bitcoin Tumbler: Smartmixer, Bitmixer, (Mixer) at

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1. Centralized companies. The shopper transfers cryptocurrency, pays a commission, and the specified wallet receives coins from another person, however in the same quantity. After mixing, the required amount is credited to the account in the type of the identical coins. The service has a pool of coins received from different customers. The site is designed to anonymize transactions with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Money, bitcoin mixer Litecoin and Ethereum coins. Buyer confidentiality directly will depend on the professionalism of the positioning house owners. The confidentiality of the transaction is determined by the variety of users and the number of Bitcoins used during mixing. The tactic of anonymization will depend on the kind of mixers for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Bitcoin mixers eliminate the main downside of Bitcoin, associated with a small anonymity. 3. Splitting the full amount into small components. 5. Sending the requested amount to the applicant’s wallet handle. The precept of operation is simple.